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Reliable Thai Supplier of Used Cooking Oil (UCO)

We provide superior used cooking oil with the standard measure of moistures, impurities and free fatty acid according to ISCC standard.

We also arrange full total logistics and one stop service for exporting UCO.

superior uco

We work with numerous well-known restaurants, ensuring trusted source of UCO.

exporting uco

-Custom clearance

-Flexi bag and heating pad

-Trucking service

Our Facilities

Our facilities include authorized weighbridge by Ministry of Commerce Scale supervision and Inspection division and owned FFA and MIU measurement lab test.

our supplies

ISCC Certified UCO

We are certified by International Sustainability & Carbon Certificate (ISCC EU) and the requirements of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) as

– Collecting Point

– Trader

– Warehouse

sun star cooperation

One-Stop Service

On top of being reliable supplier of UCO in Thailand, we provide full range of services from UCO quality check at our authorized in-house facility, to total logistic services including Flexi Bag.