Sea Star Group

Sun Star Cooperation

In 2023, Sun Star Cooperation has established our UCO team, along with in-house authorized facility to cater UCO quality test and storage (Certified ISCC). Leveraging competitive edge of Sea Star Group, we set up one-stop service for loading and export of UCO. For this business, we serve customers by emphasizing our core value; positioning ourselves as a reliable, trustworthy and ethical high-quality UCO provider.

UCO Business

One of the most Reliable Suppliers of UCO in Thailand

By working with numerous well-known restaurants, we ensure trusted source of UCO.

At our authorized in-house facility, we test UCO for the moisture, impurities, and free fatty acid, according to ISCC Standard.

Leveraging our core competencies, we set up one-stop service for export of UCO, along with full total logistics services.